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About Us

About Tomasz

San Sebastián Adventures is led by Tomasz (originally from Poland) who started working as a tour leader 10 years ago when he was still a history student. This allowed him to travel around Europe and learn that indeed, this was what he wanted to do in life: To share his passion for discovering new places with travelers who want to learn more than the average visitor. Soon after, he lived in Saint Petersburg, an experience that let him discover other ways of understanding life and other ways of looking at the world.

During his travels, he met a Basque girl, fell in love, and decided to settle down in the Basque Country. Since then, he has developed an enormous passion for San Sebastián, a wonderful city with plenty of stories worth knowing.

When he discovered the different and varied towns and villages of the Basque Country and started to learn about its culture, he realized that indeed, this part of the world is a real treasure that has so much to offer travelers. This is why he decided to start with San Sebastián Adventures and invite people to visit the area.

Indeed, San Sebastián Adventures offers a great opportunity to travel by experiencing the real local culture and showing respect to local life. That is the philosophy we keep in our tours. With us, you will not only see San Sebastián from the outside, but you will be immersed in the local everyday life and understand it as if you were part of it.